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About Alpacas
Alpacas along with llamas guanacos and vicunas are all members of the camellid family of South America. Alpacas are intelligent, quiet and very hardy and live for about 20 years.  An adult alpaca weighs between 60 and 70kg and stands about 3ft high at the wither.

Female Stock
We have a small selection of British born Hucaya breeding females for sale. All females are registered with the BAS, micro-chipped and supplied with a veterinary certificate. Please contact us for availability.

Wethers or geldings are males which have been castrated and not kept as stud males. They are good companion animals to females or make very good pets and are good guardian animals for poultry flocks etc.

Alpaca fibre is used worldwide in high fashion knitwear and fabrics. Alpaca fibre grows naturally in approximately 15 shades from ivory to fawns and browns to jet black. The first shearing of an alpaca called ‘baby alpaca’ provides a very soft fibre which is even more prized. It is warmer and softer than wool although stronger and more durable.


Basic husbandry information. The stocking rate for alpacas is 4/5 per acre. Being a herd animal they should not be kept alone as they require company. They can stay out all winter although some shelter is advisable in harsh winter conditions. The alpacas should be wormed and vaccinated every six months and toenails clipped as required, usually 2-3 times per year. They will also require their teeth trimmed annually. This is usually done whilst the alpaca is restrained for shearing. The female alpaca has a gestation period of about 11 months with a single offspring known as a cria each year. Births rarely require assistance and generally occur during daylight hours. The female is ready to be remated approximately 2 weeks after giving birth. Practical advice and after sales support is available.

Alpacas for Sale

Priestacott Bambi
Priestacott Bambi.

Beautiful fawn coloured stud male eleven years old. He has sired twelve cria. Eight of them females.

Alpaca Products

 We have a range  of knitted Alpaca products for sale please visit our shop.

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