Over Priestacott Farm -

1/4 Pig Box £75





If you keep your own pigs then we can butcher them for you and whatever cut of pork, flavour of sausage or cure of bacon you require we should be able to help.

We also hire out the butchery for a daily rate if you want to butcher your own pig/lamb. Please contact us for details.


We use a very local small abattoir where the pigs are booked in on particular day and everything is done very quickly causing as little stress as possible.

The pigs are then returned to the farm where we have our own butchery/cutting room and are then butchered by ourselves. The butchery has a 5 star very good rating by the local council food safety team.

You can buy our pork boxes 
1/4 pig box- £70,
1/2 pig box- 130.
All boxes are made up to suit the customers requirements. So please contact us with your preference.

Pig boxes are subject to availability and need to be ordered in advance. 
Free delivery within 15 mile radius. We can deliver further for a small charge.

We hand make our own sausages with traditional recipes using no commercial mixes containing additives.
Our popular flavours are;

Apple and Scrumpy
Pork and Leek
Sweet Chilli

but if you require any other flavour let us know and we will do our best to help.
All sausages are 8.50/kilo.

We dry cure our own bacon using Cornish sea salt so it doesn't shrink when cooked and is 12/kilo.
It comes vacuum packed with eight rashers to a pack.
Gammon Joints, Collar bacon and cured Hocks all at £12.00 a kilo

 If you place an order for minimum of 5 kilo of the above then it will be £10 a kilo however offers are  subject to availability.

 All of our produce can be couriered to anywhere in the country using an overnight delivery service. It is carefully packed in an insulated box with cool packs to keep it in the very best condition whether frozen or fresh so it can be cooked or put in the freezer when it arrives.
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