Over Priestacott Farm -
We have a thousand square metres worm-breeding unit. The type of worm we breed is the dendrabaena worm. This is a very versatile worm and it has many uses such as worm composting, fishing bait, wormeries and bird food. The majority of the worms produced are sent to an organic resource management company which use them for industrial scale composting and the production of worm cast.
This is the reduction of organic waste by utilizing the digestive system of worms. This reduces the volume of organic waste by up to 80% and produces worm cast as a by product which is an organic fertiliser. Dendrabaena worms can be added to your garden compost heap to break down the waste to a more suitable product which can then be used on your plants or vegetable beds.
Live Bait       
Dendrobaena worms are one of the best worms to use for fishing bait. The dendrobaena is sensitive to light and therefore wriggles around attracting fish and is tougher than most other worms, and survives longer in cold waters. Our worms are harvested daily and sent direct from the breeder eliminating unnecessary storage and handling, therefore keeping them fresher for longer.
Care of your Worms
Keep worms cool and away from strong light.
If keeping for more than a few days store in a fridge or on a cold concrete floor.
If keeping for more than a week or so put them in a suitable container and feed them kitchen scraps, mashed potato or worm feed (available from us, price on application).
Advice for storing worms for longer periods contact us direct.

Worm Castings
We sell 20 litre bags of pure worm castings.
This can be used in seed drills to improve germination and growth in young seedlings. It is an excellent chemical free soil additive to re-vitalise tired soils in greenhouses, vegetable gardens and flowerbeds. When sprinkled on pot plants it slowly releases the nutrients when the plants are watered with excellent results.
Delivery Information
All orders placed before 1 pm Monday to Thursday will be dispatched the same day. Orders placed after this time will be despatched the next working day.
Orders will not be dispatched on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. Orders placed on these days will be sent on the next full working day.
If an urgent Saturday delivery is required extra carriage charges will apply. Please contact us for information on 07974817534.
All orders are sent via Royal Mail Ist class delivery.
Orders over £100 are free delivery and will be sent with a tracked courier service the next day. Any orders sent via the courier service will need to be signed for on receipt unless stated in the delivery instructions.
Also please be aware our deliveries are not guaranteed for next day delivery however we will endeavour to get your order with you by the following day. To check on the progress of your order please call us.
Worm Prices.
100g tub
Dendrabaena Worms includes VAT and P & P.
Price: £7.00

200g Tub
Dendrabaena Worms includes VAT and P & P
Price: £9.00
500g Tub
Dendrabaena Worms includes VAT and P & P.
Price: £18.50
1kg Sack
Dendrabaena Worms includes VAT and P & P.
Price: £25.00
5kg Sack
Dendrabaena Worms includes VAT Delivery price on application
Price: £109.00
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